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Georgia Electronic Design Center 2017 Spring Review

Reception, April the 19th, 2017
Spring Review, April the 20th, 2017

Keynote Speaker:

Loi Nguyen - Ph.D., Inphi Corporation, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President

Dr. Loi Nguyen received his PhD in EE from Cornell University in 1989.  His research interest was in high speed semiconductor devices and physics.  After his PhD. Dr. Nguyen joined Hughes Research Laboratories, where he continued his pursuit to develop the world fastest transistors, for which he earned the prestigious IEEE Electron Devices Society Rappaport Award for Best Paper in 1992.  He is an author or co-author of more than 50 published papers in scientific journals or technical conferences, and a holder of 7 US patents.   His work in the area of high speed electron devices and physics contributed to a number of commercial as well as scientific successes including satellite communications, radio astronomy, and passive imaging.

Dr. Nguyen co-founded Inphi Corporation in 2000.  He and his team successfully developed innovative high speed analog semiconductor solutions that enable the widespread deployment of next-generation 100G optical links in the long haul, metro, and datacenter.  He is currently a Senior Vice President at Inphi Corporation.

Abstract: Catching the Wave

High tech is an exciting place to be for engineers and entrepreneurs.  There is always the next wave around the corner that threatens to upend the entire industry.  In this keynote address, Dr. Nguyen will share his personal journey of catching the next wave in the past twenty odd years, as well as his thoughts on the coming waves, which are sweeping thru society like no other waves before.  Catch them and you will have a brilliant career ahead of you!


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