Welcome from the GEDC Director Dr. Stephen Ralph

Stephen Ralph


The Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC), a center within the Institute of Electronics and Nano technology at Georgia Tech is one of the world’s largest research centers focused on advancement of high speed electronics and photonics for broadband, mixed-signal devices, circuits, and systems.  The GEDC is an industry centric center with our faculty working on a large range of industry challenges.

The mission of the GEDC is to enable our industry partners to be technology leaders and to quickly transfer the innovations of our faculty and students to industry for commercialization. Industry partners working with GEDC faculty and students engage in directed research and collaborate directly with our faculty and students and may establish design centers in Technology Square or within our own center.  Support from the Executive Vice President for Research and from our industry partners allows us to create and maintain state-of-the-art laboratory resources, including comprehensive device, circuit and system testing to 300 GHz, the Agilent EEsof suite of design tools, and a terabit optical networking test bed.

Our website provides a brief overview of the areas or research.  I hope that you will find new possibilities for collaborating with GEDC faculty to help us jointly forge new paths in the emerging global electronics and photonics infrastructure.

Best Regards,

Stephen Ralph
Director, Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC)
Professor - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering